Motorola PULSAR 120

Motorola PULSAR 120
Motorola PULSAR 120
Motorola PULSAR 120
Motorola PULSAR 120
Motorola PULSAR 120
Motorola PULSAR 120
Motorola PULSAR 120
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Motorola PULSAR 120

Year: 1976

Standard: Improved Mobile Telephone Service ( IMTS )
Factory Code: TLN2131A6
TAC: n/a
Notes: Normally fitted to Pulsar II radio drawer but could retrofit to Pulsar I drawer,. Available with VHF or UHF labeled channel buttons.

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PULSAR 100 and PULSAR 120:

The Pulsar 100 and 120 are control heads only and not completely new radio systems. The Pulsar 100 and 120 control heads appear to have been cheaper alternatives to the Pulsar II control head and while sold during the Pulsar II production period could be retrofitted to the Pulsar I radio drawer via a new cable set. With mechanical manual channel switch selection and rotary dial (100) or pushbutton dial (120) these heads offered "no frills" operation with the basic Pulsar II chassis. They had no memory, no speaker phone and no digital displays. These heads were widely used by Bell operating companies such as Pacific Telephone. The escutcheons were available in either vertical or horizontal orientation to allow for mounting in various vehicle configurations. The vertical format was usually used in cars with a solid center console.

Note that the Pulsar 100 and 120 use the same radio drawer as the Pulsar II shown above, the only difference is the control unit interface circuit board card inside the drawer unit.

Thanks to Mr. Geoff Fors! / - (c) 2013