Motorola WordSender

Motorola WordSender
Motorola WordSender
Motorola WordSender
Motorola WordSender
Motorola WordSender
Motorola WordSender
Motorola WordSender
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Motorola WordSender

Year: 1994

Standard: Paging
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: The Motorola WordSender is a first-of-its-kind telephone and keyboard device that allows users to input and send text and numeric messages over telephone lines.

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The WordSender, which resembles a high-tech telephone with an attached keyboard, enhances the way alphanumeric messages are dispatched. By.netbining a text and numeric entry device with a multi-function telephone, the unit allows families and small businesses to send pager messages without the assistance of a special operator. To dispatch a message via the WordSender, a user first types the message on the unit's built-in standard typewriter keyboard. As it is typed, the message appears on an easy-to-read two-line by 24-character per line display. The user then simply specifies the intended recipient, presses the keyboard's "SEND" key and the message is sent. Anyone who can use a typewriter, even the "hunt and peck" method, can use the WordSender. No training is necessary, and no special telephone services or connections are needed; the unit simply plugs into a standard telephone jack and outlet. In fact, WordSender can also be used as a regular telephone. A variety of help screens and prompts guide users through all functions, making the WordSender extremely easy to use. A number of other convenience features are incorporated into the unit as well. For instance, a.netbined telephone and pager number directory makes calling or paging friends or business associates as easy as typing a name. A handy directory-search function further simplifies the process. WordSender's easy to use help screens provide instant guidance. Telephone features such as speed dialing and last number redial make calling someone's pager fast and easy. A battery backup guards against loss of information during power failure. Other notable WordSender attributes include a three-level handset volume control and telephone call timer.

by: Thomas
2017. Feb 12. 11:33
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by: Thomas
2017. Feb 12. 11:34
This is not necessarily a mobile phone or a pager, but the WordSender is nevertheless a part of the telecommunications history.

So I thought that it belongs to this website.

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