Motorola MicroTAC SIP 9800X

Motorola MicroTAC SIP 9800X
Motorola MicroTAC SIP 9800X
Motorola MicroTAC SIP 9800X
Motorola MicroTAC SIP 9800X
Motorola MicroTAC SIP 9800X
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Motorola MicroTAC SIP 9800X

Year: 1990

Standard: RTMS 450
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: First Motorola MicroTAC made for SIP Italy. LED version

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by: Thomas
2016. May 21. 14:58
Discussion about Motorola MicroTAC SIP 9800X. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: Thomas
2016. May 21. 15:01
My last find in Italy is another version of the Motorola MicroTAC 9800X. This unit was made for SIP. :P

The antenna is missing (not a big problem) but too bad that the phone does not power up. :( But it is a very rare phone anyway.



by: komisarrex
2016. May 22. 11:10
hi, really not a problem ? i found very rare white microtac 9800x but without antenna (complete antenna missed), how you´re trying to resolve that problem ?

by: Thomas
2016. May 27. 10:41

I did not know that the lack of antenna is a big problem. Too bad, because a solution for it, I have also not. :oops:

I am a businessman and no technician. Unfortunately, I have in technical matters little idea, which is not always helpful to collect technical equipment. :?

But your white 9800X I would like to see! That must be extremely rare!


by: komisarrex
2016. Jun 04. 13:27
Yes its really big problem. only one way get another 9800x phone what i have already and remove antenna for important phone. but its very hard to buy any 9800x/DPC500,900, Personal or another phones with similar antenna today.

I will when will be delivered. Not like to sent pictures of dirty phones. :))
I found one 9800X for parts for good money. My bone colored white 9800x can be better.
And yes itr rarer than black or another 9800X phones. - (c) 2013