Sharp MCG-1

Sharp MCG-1
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Sharp MC-G1

Year: 1997

Standard: GSM 900
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: 330050
Notes: n/a

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More than a Cell Phone

Sharp's PMC Personal Mobile Communicator MC-G1 doubles as a cellular phone and an organizer

Hamburg, 29th August 1997. Staying on top of appointments and addresses while staying in touch on the go need not weigh more than a 250 gram cell phone. Sharp presents its first integrated organizer and cell phone, the MC-G1. This mobile multitalent is compatible with most requirements of modern speech and data transfer while storing fax and phone numbers for ready use. This innovative communicator facilitates daily business significantly. All contacts are stored on the database and can be accessed to plan appointments or make a call. Instead of dialing a number, one need only point the sensor pen on an appointment or the address.

The large liquid crystal display is the ideal solution for operating this compact multitalent. Addresses are displayed as a list and an on-screen keyboard can be called up to make typing messages a snap. Information can be sent or received as short messages (SMS) or email. Databank excerpts or handwritten notes can be easily attached to these messages. The MC-G1 is compatible with LAN mail programs, allowing the user to stay in touch with the company's intranet as well.

Exchanging data with a stationary PC is easy with the infrared interface or a PC-link cable. The MC-G1 thus offers a free flow of information while guaranteeing data safety and security. Its compact design still makes it easy to carry and comfortable to handle. With the PMC MC-G1 Sharp has proven again its capacity for innovation and its creativity in developing multifunctional tools in touch with modern business requirements. - (c) 2013