Motorola DynaTAC 6000

Motorola DynaTAC 6000
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Motorola DynaTAC 6000

Year: 1984

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: n/a

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Motorola DynaTAC 6000 sales brochure
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by: spectreman
2016. Apr 06. 13:19
Discussion about Motorola DynaTAC 6000. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: spectreman
2016. Apr 06. 13:26
Hi Thomas.
Thanks again for copying the wonderful brochures !
So I gather the Dynatac 6000 first came out in 1985, then the 6000XL the following year ?
I see the Dynatac 6000 has a slightly different keypad layout compared to the 6000XL.
Is more like the Dynatac 4000.
And I read in the brochure that there was a white colored handset available.
I never knew this, and have never seen a white Dynatac 6000 handset ever !
From my testing experience, these earlier Dynatac car phones & transportable phones have fantastic RF performance.
One of my most favorite analogue mobile models.

Cheers, Chris.

by: Thomas
2016. Apr 06. 14:21
Thanks Chris,

I was very lucky to found these brochures as a package at Ebay. 8-)

I'm not sure whether the DynaTAC 6000 had in 1985 launch or earlier. The brochure is from 1985.

It's been a crazy how many old Motorola devices there. I'm still missing so many ... :?


by: Thomas
2016. Apr 07. 08:44
Hi Chris,

I attached a file for the DynaTAC TELEPHONE ACCESSORIES, dated 1986 in the DynaTAC 8100L file. It is very interesting, that the handset for the DynaTAC 4000 were available in white too! :o


by: spectreman
2016. Apr 09. 12:21
Hi Thomas.
I cannot download the Dynatac Telephone Accessories brochure you uploaded, always has zero bytes file size !
The other brochures are ok.
Perhaps you could upload it again, I would be very interested to see this brochure.
Thanks, Chris.

by: Thomas
2016. Apr 10. 09:28
Hi Chris,

I will try it again tomorrow!

Thomas - (c) 2013