Motorola Advisor Graphix

Motorola Advisor Graphix
Motorola Advisor Graphix
Motorola Advisor Graphix
Motorola Advisor Graphix
Motorola Advisor Graphix
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Motorola Advisor Graphix

Year: 1998

Standard: Paging
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: alphanumeric Pager

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More graphical performance in new pager from Motorola

HANNOVER. Motorola brings a new pager for professional users on the market. The Advisor Graphix second generation provides added performance over its predecessor and is expected to be available from the second quarter 1999th With a storage capacity of 483 kilobytes, a high performance in graphing * and a zoom function from eight to four rows in OPTIMAX Holographic display the new pager is especially suited for mobile professionals. Using the FLEX software standards users can * receive both information services * as well as emails. The FLEX Information Service Protocol also supports the structuring and displaying the plurality of information services. The price of the Advisor Graphix is ​​around 499 German marks, including VAT.
Advanced messaging for mobile professionals
The new multifunction pagers mobile Businessman business and financial services to retrieve. In stock or currency values, it is possible to enter a limit for a certain amount or value. If this value is exceeded or undershot, the user is alerted by an acoustic signal on which may mean "buy" or "sell".
Another advantage of the Advisor Graphix is ​​the charting function *. With it, users can create their own charts and at any time change graphically. The basic functions of an organizer accepts the pager phone list, appointment reminder, customizable to-do list can be saved.
The large OPTIMAX Holographic display with automatic backlight ensures optimum contrast when playing up to eight-line text messages or graphics.
The leading German economic news agency vwd Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH, Eschborn, has already successfully with the previous model a wide range of economic and financial services and is planning to introduce the second generation also in the second quarter of this year. For more information about the vwd paging services there by calling 06196-405-234 or fax 06196-405-303.
Important technical features of the Advisor Graphix receiving information services * Receiving emails * Limit breaches or -unterschreitungsanzeige with sound graphics capability * Extra long battery life: about one to four months by the Motorola FLEX ™ technology (depending on the network infrastructure of the service provider and the individual Use) FLEX ™ information service Protocol * (for structuring and clearly displaying a variety of information services) Spacious storage for personal messages and information services (483K) user interface and typeface in multiple languages ​​available Zoom from eight to four rows OPTIMAX ™ Holographic display & automatic backlight for improved contrast Various folder to store the messages and direct access to personal messages, as well as to-do list and schedule list possible standby function temporally self definable (message reception but no alarm at the entrance, for example at night) battery status indicator
* The marked technical characteristics depend that they are supported by a network operator or service provider or made available.
Press release from 09.03.1999 MPA99001 - (c) 2013