Motorola Advisor

Motorola Advisor
Motorola Advisor
Motorola Advisor
Motorola Advisor
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Motorola Advisor

Year: 1995

Standard: Paging
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: n/a

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by: Thomas
2016. Feb 25. 15:49
Discussion about Motorola Advisor. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: Thomas
2016. Feb 25. 20:17
Hi Jonny,

Nice old Motorola Pager you have! I have a few old Pager too but I am not sure if I should upload them here. :?

@All: What do you think about Pagers on this page?


by: Thomas
2016. Feb 28. 12:12
@All: What do you think about Pagers on this page? Thanks!


by: Emskopp
2016. Feb 28. 13:24
In my opinion, a pager isnt a real GSM-device.
It just works in a DME or BOS Network.
Instead an IMEI has a pager a RIC.

The reference of cellphones failed.

by: Thomas
2016. Mar 31. 11:53
Hi again,

Peter (oldmobile) wrote me a PM:


Sorry for the late answer...

I think pagers are welcome on These are part of the early era of mobile communication. I have one Motorola and two Nokia pagers I'll upload too!


Then we take the pager on! ;)

by: spectreman
2016. Mar 31. 13:05
Cool. I have a few old NEC pagers I could upload too.
By the way, here in parts of Australia, pagers are very much still in regular use by the emergency services, mostly fire brigades.
Using Pocsag 512 or 1200 baud.
I have a few other pagers I regularly use to monitor these Comms. - (c) 2013