Motorola Ameritech AC-P325

Motorola Ameritech AC-P325
Motorola Ameritech AC-P325
Motorola Ameritech AC-P325
Motorola Ameritech AC-P325
Motorola Ameritech AC-P325
Motorola Ameritech AC-P325
Motorola Ameritech AC-P325
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Motorola Ameritech AC-325

Year: 1988

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: SCN2081A
TAC: n/a
Notes: Early bag phone

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by: Thomas
2015. Dec 22. 14:25
Discussion about Motorola Ameritech AC-P325. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: Thomas
2015. Dec 22. 14:32

This is a real curios cell phone. I thought that the bag phone models started in 1990. I bought this phone from the original owner and he told me that he bought it new in 1988.

by: spectreman
2015. Dec 22. 20:57
Hi Thomas.
Great to see this phone ! I thought the America Series 820 was the earliest model.
Never seen this model before. Nice find.
I see you are still adding lots more phones to the website. How many do you have in your collection ?
It seems to be never ending, ha !
Any plans to get yourself a test set ?
Cheers, Chris.

by: Thomas
2015. Dec 24. 11:05
Hi Chris,

Yes, that is a nice phone! Have you ever seen this kind of handset before?

Actual I own approx. 1.150 phones but there are some which I have twice or more. I have a few Pager and some Radios as well. But I am always looking for some interesting phones. 8-)

Actual I am waiting for a spanish clone of the Motorola DynaTAC 8500X. ;)

And no, actual I do not planning to get a test set. But maybe if I can get one for a small price....

Cheers and merry Christmas

by: Thomas
2015. Dec 24. 12:15
I received the spanish DynaTac right now. :D

by: TheMaritimeMan
2016. Apr 23. 09:23
Wow, great find! The number of different Motorola bag phones is virtually limitless - just when I think I've seen every iteration, I find a new one!

The original owner most likely did buy this in 1988, because this phone was manufactured in 1987! In the handset serial number 650CNL..., N means 1987. That makes this the earliest confirmed bag phone I've seen so far!

I assume you got the 1990 figure from the Wikipedia article. I created that article almost a decade ago, and have made incremental improvements over the years. But unfortunately there is no published data on these phones, so everything on that article is original research by yours truly.

It's important to note that Ameritech were a carrier, not a Motorola brand name. So this phone may or may not have also been sold in a vanilla form under a different model number, or solely by it's handset model number, as most bag phones were. Or maybe this phone was exclusive to Ameritech.

Edit: I've changed the year on the phone page to 1987.

by: Thomas
2016. Apr 23. 13:32

Thank you! Yes, the phone is great and I am very happy to have it within my collection! You are right, Ameritech is the carrier for this phone and I guess, Motorola exclusive made the AC models for Ameritech .

Great to read, that you are the creator the bag phone article on Wikipedia. I have it in my favorites, cause it helped me more than once. :)

Are you sure with the serial number? I am sure, that the N stands for 1988.

I use this page :


by: TheMaritimeMan
2016. Apr 23. 13:58
Ah, you're right, it's 1988! I forgot that they skipped O. I've memorized that R=1991, so I just counted backwards through the alphabet from there lol. - (c) 2013