Nokia P-30

Nokia P-30
Nokia P-30
Nokia P-30
Nokia P-30
Nokia P-30
Nokia P-30
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Nokia P-30

Year: 1988

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: P-30A
TAC: n/a
Notes: First model AMPS portable phone from Nokia.

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by: spectreman
2015. Aug 20. 02:55
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by: spectreman
2015. Aug 20. 03:04
Just recently got this phone. The keypad buttons are pretty worn, but I paid a bargain price for it.
Still powers up & works fine, but had to take it apart & clean all the contacts below the buttons, they were very dirty and not working well at all.
As you may notice, I have a Radio Shack CT-300 battery pack on it, which is interchangeable with this model.
Did this cause I have repacked the CT-300 battery. I do have the proper original Nokia battery, but yet to repack it.
This model was based on the Cityman 1320 TACS model that came out a year or so earlier I believe.
Have also read that a lot fewer of the P-30 versions were made compared to the CT-300, but they were both made in the same factory in Korea.
Cheers, Chris. - (c) 2013