Motorola PULSAR I

Motorola PULSAR I
Motorola PULSAR I
Motorola PULSAR I
Motorola PULSAR I
Motorola PULSAR I
Motorola PULSAR I
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Motorola PULSAR I

Year: 1971

Standard: IMTS
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: n approximately 1971, Motorola introduced a new fully solid state VHF IMTS telephone called the "Pulsar," which replaced the 1963 vintage TLD-1100 and TLD-1220 "MJ" sets. The Pulsar was built in a housing which appears similar to the conventional Mocom 70 style radio, but otherwise shared none of the aspects of the Mocom 70. The Pulsar used plug-in circuit cards in a "cage" and modules for all functions except the transmitter power amplifier. The Pulsar supervisory card made first use of a proprietary thick film hybrid IC. The duplexer was combined with the receiver front end circuitry, and called a "Trisolector." The Pulsar would be retroactively called the "Pulsar I" when the "Pulsar II" was introduced.

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