Nokia 7700

Nokia 7700
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Nokia 7700

Year: 2003

Standard: GSM 900/1800/1900
Factory Code: RAL-2
TAC: n/a
Notes: Unreleased prototype from Nokia. First phone using Symbian S90 OS.

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by: mroussev
2015. Mar 08. 22:33
Discussion about Nokia 7700. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: mroussev
2015. Mar 08. 22:37
Guy, i was wondering does anyone from here own this holy grail for Nokia collectors? This is my ultimate purpose, to own one of these. Unfortunately, only traces that i find for this phone, are two guy that i dont know and they have it, one from Spain, and one from Malaysia... I havent contact them yet, but i doubt that they will want to sell it, they are collectors too...
Last 2 were sold in ebay 2-3 years ago.

So, if anybody from here has some info for this, whatever it is, please let me know ;) .

by: Sweeney
2015. Dec 05. 19:15
Some pics of the CD case/notebook designed for this phone.

I currently have the CD packaging for sale:

by: Meshari
2015. Dec 21. 23:47
I know of two are selling thiers. 1 in black in an OK condition and 1 in white in a like new condition. but both are asking prices are a lot for a phone that was produced more than the 20 claimed! I think there are at least 200 devices of 7700.

by: mroussev
2015. Dec 27. 15:24
I think they are about 120 produced, but yes, not 20 as wikipedia says and as some people think.

How much these guys want for them? Did they sell them right now, on some website/forum or you know from them that want to sell them?

by: johnlight65
2018. Jan 09. 22:15
I have very good prototype Nokia 7700 ral-2 in my stock. And it's working too! I have only charged it couple of times!

by: Rusnak-COBRA
2018. Mar 01. 15:31
There were waaay over 200+ produced, even with normal IMEIs, not only as prototypes. Some of those 200+ prototypes were scrapped over the time in Nokia, different HW revisions, test mules, etc. There was a list of all IMEIs once available on the internet from Nokia internal source that was deleted shortly after posting (too sensitive info at that time). There are people in collectors groups on Facebook that have 3, 5 or even 9 units at once. Crazy. - (c) 2013