Motorola MicroTAC Elite

Motorola MicroTAC Elite
Motorola MicroTAC Elite
Motorola MicroTAC Elite
Motorola MicroTAC Elite Steel
Motorola MicroTAC Elite Steel box shot
Motorola MicroTAC Elite Steel box shot
Motorola MicroTAC Elite
Motorola MicroTAC Elites
Motorola MicroTAC Elites on
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Motorola MicroTAC Elite

Year: 1995

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: SWF1087C
TAC: n/a
Notes: Motorola's flagship phone for 1995. Their lightest phone at the time at 3.9 ounces (113 grams) with new lithium-ion battery technology, the Elite featured dual-line LED display, headset jack, Vibracall alert and digital answering machine. Offered in Black (red LEDs), Charcoal (orange LEDs) and Steel (green LEDs) colors with initial MSRP of USD $1099.

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by: spectreman
2015. Jul 05. 04:38
Discussion about Motorola MicroTAC Elite. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: spectreman
2015. Jul 05. 04:43
One of my favorite Motorola phone models, love the dual line matrix LED display, answering machine, & Li-Ion battery pack.
Need to get more of the Li-Ion batteries, so much better than the original NiCad packs.
Mr StarTac, do you also have the black VIP version of this phone ?
I have one, but the display window cover has a crack across it, so will have to find another one, one day.

by: Mr.StarTAC
2015. Jul 05. 11:01
I have to agree. It's pretty unique as far as analog phones in general go. AFAIK only Motorola used LEDs in their handset displays, dot matrix or otherwise. Probably not the most efficient use of battery life but it adds a certain flare to these models, especially the 2 line display on the Elites. I only have the charcoal and steel colored elites. The VIP has evaded me so far and I'm not in a rush to score one, but I'll keep my eyes open for it.

As for the batteries, almost none of my NiMH batteries still hold a charge, but many of my NiCds still do. I only have a couple a li-ion batteries but they do still work as well.

by: spectreman
2015. Jul 05. 12:48
Hi Mr StarTac.
Yes, I love the LED displays, unusual that Motorola used these type of displays for so long when most other manufacturers used LCD displays only. I do have a AT&T car phone from 1984, made by Hitachi, that has the small red LED display, though.
I do have several Nicad battery packs that are still ok, but like you said, all the NiMh packs are stuffed, these certainly dont last too well. - (c) 2013