Ericsson EF738

Ericsson EF738
Ericsson EF738
Ericsson EF738 box shot
Ericsson EF738
Ericsson EF738 battery back
Ericsson EF738 data label
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Ericsson EF738

Year: 1997

Standard: ETACS
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: n/a

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Ericsson EF738 service manual, NAM programming guide
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Original Press release
Ericsson Unveils Small Analog TACS Cellphone

Newsbytes News Network, Oct 7, 1997

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, 1997 OCT 7 (NB) -- By Sylvia Dennis.

Proving that the cellular industry has not quite abandoned analog cellular technology in Europe in favor of global system for mobile communications (GSM), Ericsson has taken the wraps off a new, tiny, TACS (total access communications system) analog cellphone, called the EF 738.

"Even though ETACS is not facing expansion comparable to GSM, the ETACS user base represents a sizable proportion of the market today," claimed Jan Edhill, Ericsson's vice president for GSM and other European standards.

"This small, fully featured, pocket phone created specifically for this segment is a way for us to support their needs in line with other groups," he added.

The new phone, which is expected to ship across Europe within the next few months, comes at a good time for Cellnet, one of the UK's two analog networks, Newsbytes notes. The network has just launched its first new analog tariff for some time, the Social Life deal.

Under the Social Life tariff, users pay just UKP10 (US$16) a month for their subscription to the Cellnet analog service. This includes UKP2-worth of calls. Daytime weekday rates are 80 pence a minute, which is quite hefty, but off-peak calls are just five pence per minute.

According to Ericsson, the EF 738 is similar in size and weight to its latest GSM handsets, in particular, the GF 788 for GSM 900 networks. The handset features an active flip (open to answer, close to end) cover for the keypad, as well as 99 memories and multiple ringing tones plus melodies.

Unusually for an analog handset, the phone features support for Calling Line identification (CLI), although no analog cellular nets in Europe currently support this feature. Pricing is expected to be around the UKP300 (US$500) mark without network subsidy.

Further details of the new handset can be found on the Web at Ericsson's Web site at

(19971007/Press Contact: Bo Albertson, Ericsson PR +46-8-764- 1388/Reported By Newsbytes News Network: - (c) 2013