Motorola Minitac 6800XL

Motorola Minitac 6800XL
Motorola Minitac 6800XL
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Motorola Minitac 6800XL

Year: 1991

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: S1751D
TAC: n/a
Notes: 3W extended system car phone. Works with a Microtac phone.

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A Microtac phone (has to be alphanumeric display model) connects to the 3W transceiver via an interface box & cable. The NAM data from the Microtac is uploaded into the 3W transceiver. The Minitac handset then remotely controls all functions of the connected Microtac. Uses a special 3W transceiver with special firmware in it, and has diversity antenna ports.

by: spectreman
2015. Feb 07. 03:44
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by: spectreman
2015. Feb 07. 03:46
A very interesting phone this one.
Apparently it also has voice recognition dialling ability, but have no idea how this works.
Once again, I am after a copy of a handbook for this phone.
Cheers, Chris.

by: Thomas
2015. Feb 07. 09:56
Hi Chris,

Very nice phone! Great!


by: spectreman
2016. Jan 24. 10:48
Voice Control !
I opened up the transceiver unit for this phone, and sure enough, the optional voice control board is installed.
Is a full sized daughter board that fits on top of the logic board. Made in 1990 by the date codes on the IC's.
I have figured out how to access the voice control settings.
This can only be done, however, without the Microtac phone & its interface box connected, so just using the 3W transceiver stand alone.
Under Menu item 99 (not normally present), is the Voice Peripheral Option menu.
Then you press 1 on the keypad, this puts it into voice training mode.
In a computerized voice, the phone talks to you, and prompts you to say 3 different phrases, Telephone, Turn On, & Hangup.
Your voice gets recorded into the phone, via the external hands free mic.
It plays back a short clip of each recorded phrase.
Then the training is complete.
There are several different options under the Voice Peripheral Option menu, you can have more than the one user for the voice training.
However, I have not been able to actually use the voice command feature yet, still figuring it out.
Wish I had a handbook for this phone !
But is pretty cool, I have not got any other AMPS phone that has a voice command option.
This must have been the most expensive Motorola car phone at the time.

Cheers, Chris.

by: spectreman
2016. Feb 12. 08:54
Have figured out how to record voice tags on each memory.
Is very cool, when you recall a memory number, it immediately plays back the voice tag, ha !
But still do not know how to initiate the voice command control mode. - (c) 2013