Western Electric 1200

Western Electric 1200
Western Electric 1200
Western Electric 1200
Western Electric 1200
Western Electric 1200
Western Electric 1200
Western Electric 1200
Western Electric 1200
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Western Electric 1200

Year: 1984

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: KS-22938
TAC: n/a
Notes: Sold by AT&T. 3w car phone. Large & heavy transceiver unit. Has system A/B user selection. Made in Japan (Hitachi).

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Cost was $1495 USD from AT&T

You can download an article from 1985 about cellphones illustrated with Western Electric 1200 phone: http://www.mobilecollectors.net/downloads/4005/changing_time_1985_nov_cellphone-

by: oldmobil
2014. Oct 21. 12:23
Discussion about Western Electric 1200. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: oldmobil
2014. Oct 21. 12:26
Great to have tis phone and the original user's manual too :-)
It would be interesting to see inside this manual, could You scan or photo
some pages and upload here in PDF?

by: spectreman
2014. Oct 21. 13:39
Yes, sure, I will upload some more pics at least of the manual later.
The manual is dated 1986 (version 2), but I have opened the transceiver up & all of the components in it have a 1984 date code on them, so was made in 1984. I believe it has updated 1986 firmware in it that would have added the system A/B selection function at least. This was not implemented in AMPS phones until 1985.
The phone still works fine with my test set, pretty cool ! These old phones really were made to last !
The design of this phone is very similar to the first AMPS field trial phones from the late 1970's.
Cheers, Chris.

by: spectreman
2014. Oct 21. 13:59
Just found a cool article from a US finance magazine from Nov 1985 that has a nice photo of this very phone.
Have uploaded this. The phone appears to have been made by Hitachi, going by the ESN prefix code.

by: oldmobil
2014. Oct 22. 00:38
I searched for this article, found it and converted to PDF and uploaded to the Library. Interesting to read :o
http://www.mobilecollectors.net/downloa ... cellphone-

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