Mitsubishi Telecom Walkabout

Mitsubishi Telecom Walkabout
Mitsubishi Telecom Walkabout
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Mitsubishi Telecom Walkabout

Year: 1987

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: MT-398FOR6A
TAC: n/a
Notes: First model handheld phone from Telecom Australia. Cost $5000 when first released.

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by: spectreman
2014. Jul 26. 10:53
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by: spectreman
2014. Jul 26. 10:57
Very glad to have found this phone, they are very hard to find.
I also have the car battery eliminator & charger for it.
Sadly, the phone does not work, does not power on at all.
The eprom chip inside has V1 on it, first version firmware.
The ESN is interesting, suggests this phone is serial no 15, very low ! This would be serial 15 for the Australian market.

by: spectreman
2015. Sep 17. 01:57
Hi. I now have the original Telecom Australia handbook for this phone.
It mentions an interesting thing relating to the error message I get on the phone.
Says not to leave the main battery discharged or disconnected from the phone for an extended time, otherwise the small internal lithium backup battery in the phone will quickly discharge. When the backup battery dies, the phone brings up the error message and becomes unusable ! I guess I need to try replacing the backup battery & see if it comes to life again.
But what a stupid design ! - (c) 2013