Motorola America Series 820

Motorola America Series 820
Motorola America Series 820
Motorola America Series 820
Motorola America Series 820
Motorola America Series 820
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Motorola America Series 820

Year: 1990-1991

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: Handset: SCN2174A; Transceiver: 34609
TAC: n/a
Notes: Early bag phone model from Motorola, based on the DynaTAC 4500L car phone. Uses early wire-bond red LED display similar to the original brick phones.

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Motorola Dynatac 4500L User Manual (identical to the America Series 820)
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Very basic features, with no feature menu function, battery level display, or signal level display. Housed in upright vinyl or nylon bag with Motorola logo on stitched vinyl patch. The carry strap has blue and red stripes on it, same colour scheme as the Tough Talker phones. Identical handset to the DynaTAC 4500L car phone, except for the grey colour.

by: TheMaritimeMan
2013. Dec 10. 01:39
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by: TheMaritimeMan
2013. Dec 10. 01:41
I've been able to enter the NAM programming on mine with no problem. I forget what key sequence it is, but it's one of the following:

CTL 0 (security code twice) *


CTL 0 (security code twice) RCL

by: spectreman
2013. Dec 15. 13:30
Have just added another photo of this phone I found on the web.
The handset is different, black in color, and has the Motorola name where the America Series 820 label is usually.
Mmm, interesting.... - (c) 2013