Mitsubishi BT Roamer

Mitsubishi BT Roamer
Mitsubishi BT Roamer
Mitsubishi BT Roamer side view
Mitsubishi BT Roamer back
Mitsubishi BT Roamer -  diassembled - Eprom
Mitsubishi BT Roamer diassembled
Mitsubishi BT Roamer diassembled - RF section Back of PCB
Mitsubishi BT Roamer diassembled - RF board component side
Mitsubishi BT Roamer back diassembled
Mitsubishi BT Roamer diassembled - microphone
Mitsubishi MT-3 and roamer compared
Mitsubishi BT Roamer - MT3 compared
Mitsubishi MT-397 BT Roamer
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Mitsubishi MT-397 BT Roamer

Year: 1986

Standard: ETACS
Factory Code: MT-397F0R6A
TAC: S/2910/4/G/500358
Notes: n/a

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Mitsubishi BT Roamer user's manual
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by: spectreman
2014. Apr 12. 11:32
Discussion about Mitsubishi BT Roamer. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: spectreman
2014. Apr 12. 11:33
Nice phone. Would really love the Telecom Australia version of this model, came out here in 1987, called the Telecom Walkabout.

by: oldmobil
2014. Aug 12. 20:18
Wow, amazing diassembled photos, EPROM, button cells, filters, oscillators :-)

by: spectreman
2014. Oct 24. 02:30
Hi Tailor & others.
I now have 2 of the Telecom Australia Walkabout phones, identical to this BT Roamer model.
But they are both faulty. They power on ok, but displays ERROR 2 immediately in the display.
They do not get past the initial boot up stage, the only button that works is the Power button.
Does anyone have any info about this error code ? A copy of the service manual would be great !
There are 2 small backup button cells in the phone, I wonder if it could be related to these ?

Tailor, does your phone power up ok, any error codes on yours ?

Cheers, Chris.

by: Tailor
2014. Oct 29. 14:08
Hi Chris,

Sorry but i have nothing for you, both of mine power up fine and I don't have a service manual either.
The backup up buttons are interesting, that's definitely a possibility. Have you tried chucking a little voltage in them? I've had good success with dry cells this way, they won't last long but perhaps enough to eliminate it as a cause.


by: Baltais Tehvs
2015. Oct 21. 20:19
these backup-battery-button-cells might be a problem .
atleast on some ericsson phone , when cell is coroded and shortened phone went unstable ( random reboots, power offs etc )

by: spectreman
2015. Oct 23. 08:26
Thanks guys. I have tried replacing the 2 button cells in one of my phones, but it did not help.
Same old error message still. Oh well. Cannot do more without a service manual. - (c) 2013