Nokia 101

Nokia 101
Nokia 101
Nokia 101
Nokia 101
Nokia 101 - LCD DISPLAY
Nokia 101 - Nokia ETACS THX family
Nokia 101 an etacs pair
Nokia 101 - ESN labels
Nokia 101
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Nokia 101

Year: 1992

Standard: ETACS
Factory Code: THX-6Y
TAC: S/2693/4/M/502361
Notes: CODE 0500235

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by: oldmobil
2013. Oct 28. 21:39
Discussion about Nokia 101. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: oldmobil
2013. Oct 28. 21:43
Hello Hywel,
I have a Bosch THX-6RB ETACS phone from Austria, see: What do You think it is a Nokia 101 licensed or maybe a Nokia 121?

by: Tailor
2014. Jan 27. 23:11
In the UK, both THX-6X and 6Y were classed as a Nokia 101.
I see we have them seperate, i edited the Nokia 101 page before i realised and added the second code and uploaded an image :?:

by: oldmobil
2014. Jan 28. 10:25
Hello Taylor,
I moved your image to THX-6X phone and I standardized their names to:
Nokia 101 (THX-6X) and Nokia 101 (THX-6Y).
(You can move your images by clicking to 'Edit' above thumbnail and link it to new phone and unlink it from old one. And You can link an image to more then one phone if necessary this way.)

And I happy to see Your great uploads! - (c) 2013