DoCoMo N203

DoCoMo N203
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NEC N203 DoCoMo

Year: 1997

Standard: n/a
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: DoCoMo N203

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Introducing the World's Lightest Digital Mobile Telephone

NEC announced today it is to provide the world's lightest digital mobile telephone, which only weighs 92 grams (Note 1), to NTT Mobile Communications Network, Inc. (NTT DoCoMo) for use in Japan.

NTT DoCoMo is to start sales of the new mobile telephone, Digital Mova N203 Hyper, from April 30, 1997. (Note 2)

The main features of the new product are as follows:-

1. The world's lightest digital telephone

It only weighs 92 grams and is the world's lightest digital telephone. Also it has an ultra small body of only 95 cc which is suitable for mobile use.

2. Long battery life

Continuous standby time is approximately 300 hours (Note 3) with S-size battery and approximately 450 hours with L-size battery. Therefore it is suitable for overnight trips.

3. Maximum 500 telephone numbers can be installed

It has a large telephone book which can install a maximum of 500 telephone numbers. Since this telephone book can divide into nine separate sections for different groups such as for business and private use, telephone numbers can easily be found from its telephone book.

4. Multiple ringing tones

In addition to normal electronic ringing tones (three types), there are 15 musical ringing tones.

5. Adopting manner button

All ringing and beeping tones can be stopped by touching a "manner" button.

6. Voice pad function

While the user cannot answer the phone on a train or while attending a meeting, the message, can be recorded by touching the manner button.

7. Incoming call indicator function

Up to 10 incoming calls can be stored while the telephone is on. When the caller's telephone number is notified, a return call by touching one button is possible.

8. Use of full dot LCD

By using full dot LCD, it is easy to read the display.

Due to the large expansion of mobile telephone users in recent years, the handset market has expanded rapidly. In the fiscal year 1996 (ending March 31, 1997), the number of newly registered subscribers has reached over 10 million, exceeding the current number of registered subscribers, and taking the number to over 20 million subscribers.

This market will continue to expand due to further developments in the mobile computing market along with notebook PCs and mobile information tools such as PDAs.

For the domestic market in Japan, there is strong demand for small size and light weight. NEC developed the world's lightest digital mobile telephone by succeeding in the following areas: i) by integrating a number of parts into fewer LSIs, ii) reducing the weight of the unit's printed circuit board, and iii) developing a light weight mold for the body. - (c) 2013