1. Phone front

1. Phone front
2. Keyboard
3. Phone data panel
4. battery data panel
5.  Welcome screen
6. Standby Screen
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Telit GM810E

Year: 1999?

Standard: GSM 1800
Factory Code: 8S410052H00
TAC: 350066
Notes: This model also sold by Vodafone (UK) under their brand name

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by: wibs
2016. Mar 18. 18:42
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by: wibs
2016. Mar 18. 19:10
A note on the gsmweb site says that these phones are made out of surplus Russian military components. Does anyone know if this is true?
Picture 5 is the welcome screen. Which language is it in and what does it mean?
I find it strange that it uses the "Pi" symbol of the cyrillic alphabet. Yet the firmware is only in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. It was originally made for an Italian network (TIM) but none of these languages use the "Pi" symbol.
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