Nokia 1011

Nokia 1011
Nokia 1011
Nokia 1011
Nokia 1011
Nokia 1011 original advert from Germany
Nokia 1011
Nokia 1011
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Nokia 1011

Year: 1992

Standard: GSM 900
Factory Code: NHE-2XN
TAC: 490005
Notes: DE: D1-367

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Original Press release:
Nokia designs 475 gram GSM phone, says portable sales will be 80% Nokia Mobile Phones Inc., Global System for Mobile Communication, Nokia 1011 handheld phone Product Announcement
Mobile Phone News, Oct 8, 1992 Largo, Fla.-based Nokia Mobile Phones has developed the handled Nokia 1011 digital Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) phone that weighs about one pound. The new unit features 90 minutes of talk time with a standard battery. It has an automatic menu of help commands, displayed in 10 different languages. The new phone's features include: two-way short-text messages transmission; message-waiting notification, even when the phone is off; and alphanumeric memory storage of up to 99 phone numbers. Nokia expects that within two years, the sale of hand-portable phones will reach as high as 80 percent of total GSM sales. COPYRIGHT 1992 PBI Media, LLC COPYRIGHT 2004 Gale Group - (c) 2013